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Originally Posted by Irishsox1 View Post
Nope. Not underpaid at all. The Yankees are not going to allow Jeter to play his last year or years playing for some crap organization like Oakland.

This is like the Lincecom deal, it's the face of the New York Yankee franchise. Not everything in life is "fair" and "equal" for everyone. Jeter gets special treatment from the Yankees and will for the rest of his life.

But if he has another injury wasted year, he should retire as a Yankee in 2014.
Not in the slightest. Lincecum isn't a Hall of Famer a year from retirement, is actually costing significantly more, and the Giants have a pretty limited budget compared to the Yankees. The Giants, who are primed to compete, actually need Lincecum to be worth close to the value of that contract the next two years. And he has absolutely no chance of being worth half of it.

I get the Jeter deal. The only way I "get" the Lincecum deal is by seeing the picture's he's blackmailing Sabean with.
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