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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Um.... are you serious? Either had an OPS 60 points higher and was a 4 WAR player 2 years ago and a 3 WAR player last year. Tank? 0.9 WAR 2 years ago and 0.1 WAR last year

to put this in another light, Either WOULD HAVE BEEN OUR BEST PLAYER 2 YEARS IN A ROW... and its really not that close!
Look at the money owed and the age of the players though. Either is 32 years old and is owed a minimum of $69M over the next 4 years through 2017. Viciedo (24) is still under team control through 2017 and will probably be owed an estimate of only $3.5M this year.

Is it worth this marginal upgrade in OBP, which is where the difference in OPS was? If I'm a GM I'm not going to pay for what a players WAR was a year or two years ago, but his potential WAR going forward. And I'll take a chance on Viciedo's years 25-28 over Either's years 32-35.

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