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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
I don't think you're right about Santos. Fans and baseball analysts were looking at his stuff and how little wear he had on his arm, only having pitched professionally for one season and about 50 innings before he made it to the Sox bullpen at the age of 26. I think the White Sox and other teams considered him a bit fragile without the strength to make it through a season. In two seasons with the Sox, he had struggles maintaining his stuff late in the season, but he had done enough to that point to impress many.

I don't know that I was surprised that he was traded, but I don't believe I was surprised that the White Sox didn't get more for him. And, really, he has pitched only a little over 30 seasons for the Blue Jays since they acquired him. Maybe his minor league experience in the Blue Jays system is what he needed to be a major league reliever. Maybe the White Sox brought him up too early, not because he couldn't get major league hitters out, but because he wasn't up to the rigors of what it means to be a go-to reliever in a major league bullpen. He turned 30 while pitching in the minors last season, and his age might limit his major league ceiling, regardless of the mileage on his arm. It's hard to tell because relievers who are strong after 30 generally have learned things from a background of pitching experience that Santos will never have.

The Blue Jays appear to have gotten the better of this trade at the moment (unlike the Sirotka-Wells deal about a decade ago), but I think both teams were trading for pitchers they believed could have better futures.
Eh, I lost interest to the point where I don't care if I'm wrong. Funny how that can happen!
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