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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
That is almost irrelevant, though - a trade should not really be judged in hindsight, but instead should be judged based on what could have been gotten in terms of value at the time. Otherwise, every time a solid veteran is traded for a not-so-hot prospect who turns out years later to be great would be a "horrible" trade.
But the team is and has been no better or worse off since the trade, unless you think they could have gotten something better for Santos.

I don't think it was very good trade mainly because of what you said here. But to put it up as his worst trade of his tenure when you've got trades like the Todd Richie or Billy Koch trades that actually hurt the team because the guy they got sucked on the ML roster or hurt the team because the guy they ended up trading away like Gio ended up being really good doesn't work in my opinion.

Thinking about it, the Foulke, Koch trade was pretty awful because Koch sucked and Foulke was awesome after the trade. Getting Cotts makes up for it though for his 2005 alone. I still put the Swisher trade combos as the worst KW's time as GM.
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