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Originally Posted by Huisj View Post
I think you missed a key part of that previous post by Chez. It doesn't say he pitched awful. It says he pitched awfully well.

Season stats (most of which came in August and September):
25 IP
11 H
4 BB (2 IBB)
28 K
1.75 ERA

So at the time it may have looked bad. At this time, it also looks bad.
Kenny's reasoning must have been based on having Addison Reed in the pipeline. Plus Sergio fell off the chart in September when he got tired. So what does Addison Reed do in September when he gets tired? (all together) He falls off the chart!

But those numbers for Sergio this September look great. (he wasn't tired)

One has to conclude that Kenny didn't maximize his return from those assets. On field management of the talent has to be blamed as well.
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