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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
I'll join the chorus of people saying SoxFest is overpriced. It seems like they've really had trouble selling that thing the past couple years, and now they are coming off a historically bad season. You would think that would lead to lower prices for this event, but it has not.

Granted, I would never buy a hotel package. I can't fit it around my work schedule, and I'm not much of an autograph collector anyway. However, I would buy a day pass for Saturday and listen to the seminars and ask questions, if I thought it was reasonably priced. Alas, the cost is higher than what I'm willing to pay for that experience, so I don't go.
I think the day pass was $25 last year. I think that is pretty reasonable. It was insane to get autographs. Way too much waiting for a signature in my book. The seminars as a Sox fan were awesome.

Rooms at the Palmer house for that weekend are $130 a night if you don't go to the event. I can't imagine that the Sox are making anything off that hotel. My guess would be they get the space for free in exchange for the room fees. You can sell the bobblehead that they usually give out for at least $100 so you recoup some of your money.
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