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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Ortiz. I said on my blog last night that we'd be talking about Lester as MVP in any other year. He's been outstanding. But I don't know how anything can compare to the performance of Ortiz in this series. His OBP is .789. That's obscene.

Ortiz is hitting .733 in this series. The rest of the Red Sox are hitting .156 collectively. The Cardinals are obviously pitching well in this series. They've been able to quiet several other very good Boston hitters. But nothing they have tried against Ortiz has worked. He's been otherworldly.
You're right, JB. Ortiz has simply been too good to consider anyone else for the hardware if they win. Given the performances of the rest of the Sox, it may be time for the Cards to start giving Papi the Barry Bonds treatment.
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