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Originally Posted by ChiSoxGal85 View Post
I must say, this has been an excellent series to watch, especially the pitching.
Edit: Oh, yeah...and David Ortiz.
One of the greatest World Series performances I've ever witnessed. Its one thing for a guy with little pressure on him to come out of nowhere to perform; its a whole other thing for a guy to come into a series with his team, fans, and city depending on him and he STILL produces. Its the type of stuff that tips Hall of Fame voting in your favor when you have borderline numbers. If the Red Sox win, it would be a tough choice for MVP; Ortiz or Lester? Both?

That being said, the Cardinals are the epitome of a professional ball club and, to the last man, they will go down fighting. They are more than capable of pulling this off in Fenway or on Mars. A Game 7 to close this season out would be great.
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