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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
The best bloggers (and I'm thinking of three examples in my head; Rich Miller of Cap Fax reporting on Springfield and Illinois politics; Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism reporting on finance the economy; and Jim Margalus of Southside Sox) all either tend to follow journalistic ethics, and/or are analyzing news and not reporting on it themselves. Many of the bloggers are either content aggregrators or analysts, there aren't all that many who report on news themselves.
Not sure about the first two, but Margalus is (was?) an actual journalist who just wrote about the Sox on the side because that's his passion, but it's not like he's some guy who just decided to write clear out of the blue.

His blog is not attached to any usual, traditional print outfit, but the level of writing at SSS is on par with, if not better, than any print source on the Sox, so I consider him a very credible source about Sox news. I have yet to see anyone at Chicago Now even approach his level of talent and professionalism.

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