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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
Tell me, what passes for better credentials? A degree in journalism, or writing the truth? Because the two are slowly becoming mutually exclusive. To claim that someone is more trust-worthy simply because they work for a print publication isn't just a false statement, it leans more towards the opposite of the truth.
If it's the truth, give me the source.

There is a lot of bad journalism, and I have called journalists on it and have been criticized for calling journ. Some of it's sloppy. Some of it's irresponsible. And the reputations of the journalistic institutions suffer for it, so much so that the institutions have an obligation to hire the best people that they can.

Your overall point, though, is wildly ridiculous. If you self-publish a book on economics theory, it isn't going to have the same credibility as a book published by a university press that passes peer review, no matter how much you complain about the evils of the institutions keeping your theories down.

This is about standards and credibility. Your sources don't approach the professional standards that the media your are attacking, and they do not have anything approaching the credibility.