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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
No. But that's not what we're talking about here.

Credentials come in many forms, and being completely honest, have lost a lot of their meaning in recent years. I'm not going to completely get into it (because it's very political, especially with recent revelations), but print publications now almost exclusively have an agenda, whether in the political sector or in the sports world (see ESPN). Really, the ONLY place to be free from that is the internet.

Tell me, what passes for better credentials? A degree in journalism, or writing the truth? Because the two are slowly becoming mutually exclusive. To claim that someone is more trust-worthy simply because they work for a print publication isn't just a false statement, it leans more towards the opposite of the truth.
The best bloggers (and I'm thinking of three examples in my head; Rich Miller of Cap Fax reporting on Springfield and Illinois politics; Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism reporting on finance the economy; and Jim Margalus of Southside Sox) all either tend to follow journalistic ethics, and/or are analyzing news and not reporting on it themselves. Many of the bloggers are either content aggregrators or analysts, there aren't all that many who report on news themselves.
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