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Originally Posted by DrCrawdad View Post
Good point. I'm sure most, if not all the posters here, are more concerned about the way the team does on the field. This is just a timely point with the Other Sox in the World Series.

The Other Sox turn around from their 69-93 2012 record is a great thing for our Sox to strive for, and I think it's achievable (pardon my rose colored glasses).
In the first 90 years of the game no team had gone from first to last. In the last 24 years it has happened 11 times. With free agency and some smart trades our Sox can do it. We already have good pitching and Hahn came up with a couple nice moves trading for Garcia and signing Abreu. I also think Semien is going to help out. Nothing surprises me in Baseball anymore and I'm looking for Hahn to make a few more moves and for us to contend in 2014.

PS I'm sure someone will bring up that until 1969 we only had 2 pennant races. Things are easier now as we went to 4 races and now 6 races plus now you only have to beat out 4 teams. Another thing to look at is that I don't think there are any great teams in Baseball right now, no Bronx Bombers, No Big Red Machine, no teams that 20 years from now that people will be talking about.
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