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On several levels,

And the Chicago Now article sucks, too. Of course the Cubs would like to have Chris Sale. As Dump Jerry rightly points out, so would every other major league club.

More pernicious, I think, is the assumption in the article that the Cubs have enough quality minor leaguers to obtain a pitcher like Sale. The Cubs have no legitimate prospects at AAA and the one legitimate prospect they have at AA, Javier Baez, didn't get there until he played 76 games at Daytona (high A level). Baez played 54 games at AA and, even though he had excellent power numbers (37 HR and 111 RBI at A and AA in 2013), he only hit .282 last year and struck out 147 times. I don't know what to make of all that.

Anyway, it bugs me when a Cub fan writes a blog in the Sun-Times saying how great it would be if the Cubs could somehow pry Chris Sale away from the White Sox.

Give me a break.