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Originally Posted by LoveYourSuit View Post
Why didn't Crais re-touch 3B when going home if when he got up it was to the 2B side of 3B?
He doesn't need to. He already touched third and didn't touch second before heading for home, which he didn't touch but was awarded. And if the obstruction prevented him from touching third, that counts as touching third. The requirement is that the bases be touched in order coming around the bases. Coming hom from the second-base side of third is just a matter of running on the inside of the foul line, which the rules allow.

What you apparently are thinking of is a situation where a runner has to return to a base because he hasn't tagged up on a fly ball. For example, if the runner is beyond third base and doesn't retouch third before returning to second to beat the throw from the outfield after a catch, would be called out if the defense appealed at third because in that case, he doesn't retouch the bases he passed as the rules require.
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