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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Shades of Lenny Dykstra...

Didn't seem to be intentional to my eye. Regardless, a crappy way to decide a World Series game.
There are many, including Carlton Fisk, who will tell you the Red Sox lost the 1975 World Series becasue of an interference call that umpires didn't make.

As for tonight, it doesn't have to be intentional, and it obviously wasn't incidental. If Middlebrooks is simply lying on the ground, it's incidental. Middlebrooks, however, intentionally or unintentionally, flips his legs up, to trip the runner. He didn't trip the runner while trying to get to his feet. And, considering the Cardinals took the lead on just such a play in Game 2 after the throw from home went past third, you can't assume the obstruction was unintentional. In real time, it looked like rulebook obstruction, and it looked like it was called immediately by the umpire at third.

The Red Sox deserved to lose this game becasue they overthrew third base in an attempt to get a baserunner coming down from second, just as they deserved to lose Game 2 becasue they overthrew third trying to get a running coming down from second. If the play instead ends up an inning-ending double pay and the Red Sox win in the 10th, it would be a crappy way to win a World Series game.
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