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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Shades of Lenny Dykstra...

Didn't seem to be intentional to my eye. Regardless, a crappy way to decide a World Series game.
Rules are rules. I agree the legs coming up might have been an accident just from bouncing off the ground, an unthinking reaction or the first move toward getting back on his feet, but it doesn't matter if he did it on purpose or not. It affected the base runner who would have easily been safe. Also, even if you can say in slow motion that it wasn't interference it's still at best a judgment call and that much harder to make while watching it live. Even with replay there wouldn't have been indisputable evidence to overturn the umpires call and both umpires made the same call at the same time.

Can't really fault them when that's what happens.

Edit: Remember that interference call that AJ got in 2008 in a rundown? No way that was intentional interference in fact it obviously was a planned effort by AJ. It's still the right call and if that one is, this one is too.

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