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Originally Posted by StillMissOzzie View Post
Kind of funny, both of the first two games have been "highlighted" by some pretty poor defense.


I wonder how much the cold night had to do with the Cardinals' poor play in Game 1, that and the adventure that seems to ensue just about every time I see a major league hitter hit a pop up to the pitcher's mound.

The Red Sox defense in Game 2 comes down to a bad decision in a close game. Of course, the Cardinals forced both errors, first by forcing a throw from the outfield and then by forcing a throw from the backing-up pitcher. The catcher didn't want to give up his chance at getting the runner by going out to get the wide throw. If he had, you wouldn't have had the pitcher throwing to a base.

When the Cardinals beat the Tigers in 2006, of course, Tigers pitchers made errors in each of their losses.
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