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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Doesn't seem like this is the case with Steverson.

The article mentions that he has a similar aggressive philosophy as Manto, though he refers to it as "under-control aggression". We'll see if that's the case.

What is so wrong with taking a pitch or working the count? Swinging early and swinging at every strike plays right into a opposing pitcher's plan.
There's a difference between aggression and recklessness. We saw way too much recklessness last year.
The biggest thing that stands out for me with this hire, is that he wants hitters to have an approach for attacking the pitcher. Countless times last year, Frank and Melton talked about how hitters had no plan, or clue, at the plate.
As far as aggressiveness goes, Steverson talks about hitting your pitch and understanding what the opposing pitcher has to do to succeed. Swinging at strikes is easier said than done, but swinging at good strikes to hit is more important.
If the pitcher is painting the corners and mixing up his pitches well, not much can be done, but cashing in on opportunities and fouling off pitches to increase the chances of those opportunities is something that must be done for the Sox to win.
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