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Originally Posted by spawn View Post
No, you can't "book it". You say he's far superior to other recent crossovers. How do you know this? Have you seen him play? Is he better than Puig or Cespedes? The only time we've seen him is in the World Baseball Classic. Like I said, there is room for optimism, but to claim he is one of the Sox top hitters before he's even seen a Major League pitch is going a little overboard. Let's give the guy a chance to prove himself first.
Compare the numbers. Like the example I gave, you can look at the numbers of Ellis Burks and Frank Thomas with the Sox, given they were facing the same competition, obviously Thomas was the superior hitter. The difference between Abreu's and Cespedes' numbers is similar to the discrepancy between the latter pair. Year in year out, Abreu put up vastly superior numbers. I have to admit it might be unfair to compare Puig, since he was only 23 when he last played in Cuba, but he put up numbers similar to Cespedes, again dwarfed by those of Abreu.

Saying he is one of the top hitters for the Sox isn't going overboard when you can clearly see outside of Garcia, the Sox lack any decent hitters. Abreu could be a borderline bust and still outhit the players the Sox currently have.

At any rate, if he isn't one of the top two Sox hitters on the roster at this point, Hahn ****ed up big time.
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