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Originally Posted by Rocky Soprano View Post
I understand why people dislike Dunn, but the post above is exactly why people should think twice before opening their mouth. Like it or not, as far as production goes, Dunn is our best bat. Without Dunn, the Sox would have even been worse - scary thought! Hopefully Dunn starts off the year hot and the Sox find someone that is willing to take him for the rest of year.
Garcia and Abreu are our best bats.

Look at the course of Dunn's tenure with the Sox, if you can't see the negative impact by now I think you're in denial. Trying to water it down by just looking at last year seems a bit disingenuous. Sure the Sox still would have stunk last year even if they had that 15 million back to spend on an actual good hitter, but that doesn't let Dunn off the hook for his effect on the team. Having a hitter like that in the middle of the lineup is going to effect the production of the entire lineup. Konerko falling off the cliff last year didn't help, but every player is going to get too old at some point.
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