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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
This took me 8 minutes of work on baseball reference to prove wrong.

In games Dunn did not play or did not start, the Sox were 6-11.

These were game numbers 7, 32, 35, 51, 85, 91, 94, 112, 135, 138, 141, 148, 154, 155, 156, 158, 162.

Do research first, I say!
I understand why people dislike Dunn, but the post above is exactly why people should think twice before opening their mouth. Like it or not, as far as production goes, Dunn is our best bat. Without Dunn, the Sox would have even been worse - scary thought! Hopefully Dunn starts off the year hot and the Sox find someone that is willing to take him for the rest of year.
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