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What about getting back to Abreu though? The more I have a chance to absorb the signing the more I like it.

It almost seems like the move is being downplayed in the media for some reason. For example, I keep reading that Abreu put up similar numbers to Cespedes in the Cuban league when in fact Abreu's numbers absolutely blow his out of the water. Gonzalez had a piece where he cites Abreu's 2010-11 numbers and says they were "close to Cespedes". Uh, maybe they were close in relation to some cosmic scale, but let's take a look:

Cespedes: .333/.424/.667
Abreu: .453/.597/.986

Abreu's numbers close to Cespedes?!? That's like saying Frank Thomas's '93 numbers were close to Ellis Burks. The difference between a .453 average and .333 is the same as the difference between a .302 average and a .222 average. And it's not like that season was out of the ordinary, Abreu consistently put up significantly better numbers, and he's a year younger!

Personally, I think this going to go down as the best signing in Sox history and easily the best signing of this offseason.
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