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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
This is dependent upon what the Sox do with other black holes in the lineup, and, more importantly, whether they intend to contend in 2014 or not. I would agree that Flowers/Phegley is not the answer, but trades and other FAs could net something else. Also, depending on the rest, again, we could just have a C bat ninth. We'll see. If they do not intend to field a contender next season, a one-year deal for a catcher who will cost a bit more than you want to pay to fill a hole in a lineup that will still be bad isn't the way to go.

My point being that some see "AJ is a free agent!" and immediately think that is the answer.
Saltalamacchia is the only free agent answer that might fit our longer term needs. If we just need a body, go sign someone like John Buck or Geovany Soto for no money.
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