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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Dunn's definitely not helping the team, but let's not get into some sort of false narrative that paints the Sox as a powerhouse that's being dragged down by Adam Dunn the Anchor. He was probably the most prolific offensive player the team had last year.

Dunn's gone after 2014 so in terms of any kind of planning, he's not much of a problem any more. Best case scenario is he starts the year hot, and a contender who needs a left handed bat takes a flyer on him. Worst case scenario is he plays out the string and is let go after next season. I don't think anyone expects the Sox to seriously contend for much more than 3rd place, but even after Adam is gone, this team now has 2 keepers and 7 holes to fill in it's lineup. That's why we stinks.
The White Sox last year were a better team without Dunn in the lineup. That has been true since he came to the White Sox.
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