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Originally Posted by balke View Post
Some great points. Whatever "system" the White Sox have in place has to be the cause. That's painfully obvious which makes it even a scarier thought. I'm sure they've tried to iron it out - but there really must be a major disconnect there.

Could it be that noone in the organization knows how to develop position talent at any level? Is there a single person in-house who has a modern day philosophy that is proven to deliver results? If not, no amount of talent is going to fix this mess.

I think what's probably more the case is just hopelessly optimistic talent acquisition. Buying a guy at his peak value doesn't seem to pan out. You have to take those risks to get a guy who may have turned a corner towards consistency - but it just seems to blow up in the organization's face over and over again.
When you have an organization that is bad at developing talent, doesn't realize it, and almost exclusively hires from within the organization - this is what you get.
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