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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
He pointed specifically to Carlton Fisk, a guy who went on to play 10+ awesome years for the Sox. How often does an over 30 player get signed, and go on to have another 10+ years of good to great baseball, and a catcher, the most physically demanding position in the game, to boot?

Look, I get his point that you can't simply look at a guy, say "Over 30, no thanks", but you can't point to Carlton freaking Fisk as if that one instance nullifies every other misguided signing in history. I mean, how many people wish the Sox had said "Over 30, no thanks" to Adam Dunn right now?
Jermaine Dye had a history of injuries, and he was over 30 when the Sox signed him, but he wasn't a catcher. Sandy Alomar Jr. was a catcher with injuries in his past who the Sox signed after 30. He wasn't a disastrous signing, although the Sox won the World Series the season after he was replaced by a younger free agent catcher with no injury history to speak of.

Most free agent signings are misguided because of the nature of the free-agent market. The free-agent gamble doesn't favor the team signing free agents. There were a few people who believe the deal for Dunn would be a disaster the day it was announced, although most Sox fans celebrated. Now it seems fans are more skeptical. Although they want the Sox to sign free agents to improve the team, the way the Dunn signing worked out, many will greet any Sox signing with a large amount of pessimism.
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