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Actual winners for each category:

Team Stats

Wins: 63

Division Placement: Last

Post-Season Success: None

Batting Leader Predictions

Batting Average: TCM

Homers: Dunn

RBI: Dunn

OPS: Dunn

Steals: TCM

Walks: Dunn

SO: Dunn

Pitching Leader Predictions

Wins: Sale

Saves: Reed

SO: Sale

ERA: Sale

Walks: Santiago

Losses: Tie: Sale and Danks

Pick the team you think will win the following titles

League Stats

ALE Champ: Boston

ALC Champ: Detroit

ALW Champ: Oakland

AL WC: Tampa (sorry, I forgot to update again, this is the winner of the WC game if you picked two teams you got the first one you listed unless it became obvious you meant the other by picking them to win the Pennant too. No one lost any points here regardless)

AL Pennant Winner: Boston

NLE Champ: Braves

NLC Champ: Cardinals

NLW Champ: Dodgers

NL WC: Pirates

NL Pennant Winner: Cardinals

WS Champion: TBD

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