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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
Actually 10 second basemen in AL had a higher batting average than Gordon. He is not average in hitting ability and his HR/RBI numbers were way below average.
Beckham's batting average fell off appreciably late in the season. That happened in his rookie season, which I believed was related to Guillen moving him to the No. 2 spot in the lineup. This season, Beckham looked like he had figured things out offensively but dealt with some injuries and was playing through some of that at the end of the season. This could have been his breakthrough year. His first injury in April really even turned the White Sox season around after a 4-2 opening homestand.

I've seen improvement in Beckham and don't believe his future is summarized by his previous seasons. Really, if you were to look at Keppinger coming into 2013 and judged him against Beckham, you might suggest that he one of the above-average second basemen the White Sox should be employing instead of Beckham. The reality was that the White Sox were a better team with Beckham at second than Keppinger. I don't believe anyone believed that to be the reality of 2013.

I think the Abreu signing is a positive. It's a gamble. Signing players to long-term contracts is always a gamble. This one looks better than the Dunn signing did when that came down, and WSI was in party mode that day. Abreu could turn out to be as bad as Dunn, but he could much better than anyone had the right to expect Dunn to be.
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