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Originally Posted by SoxSpeed22 View Post
All of Dunn's comments from this season is just a product of a guy who's confidence is shot to ****. The only thing the organization can do is cut their losses and do their best to make sure it doesn't happen again.
As far as Viciedo goes, his regression this year is concerning, but hopefully having Abreu here will motivate him some more.
Were stuck with Dunn until the deadline, and even then, I doubt we get any decent pieces.

Viciedo has one more "potential" year left before hitting arbitration. Since power is at a premium and he's still relatively inexpensive, this winter is the last time the Sox will be able to sell high on his power potential.

Acquiring Abreu basically puts to bed the idea that Viciedo will be moved to 1B, and his only ideal spot, which Hahn was talking about as recently as the all star break.

Regression? Since when was Viciedo better than he was this year? He had a career average line, other than being down a few HRs. This is what he is. He's at 1152 ABs, well past the "surprise late" threshold.
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