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I like this move by Hahn. The Sox just added an asset without losing any young prospects. It gives the Sox more flexibility in the offseason to look into moving Dunn, possibly. If not in the offseason, then in July.

Soxpark is a homer park, so you better have some power hitters when you play 81 games there.
When have the Sox been good in the last couple of decades? When they hit homers.

James Loney was the one guy I would not have minded the Sox look into, but Jose will do.

As for base-clogging....the Sox will have good speed on the field in Alexei, Conner, Gordo, Avasail, Alejandro, and Phegley, with only Dayan being average speed along with Dunn......that lineup is one of the fastest in recent memory.

My concern remains just getting more high-average hitters in the lineup.

Word in that one article is that Jose is in the best shape of his pro baseball he might surprise some of the experts, athletically.

Good day for the Sox!
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