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Originally Posted by jdm2662 View Post

Speaking of Beckett, Thom Breenaman spotted him at the bar after game 6. Beckett predicted the Cubs would score early, and he would enter the game in the third or fourth inning. He would give up one hit and pitch four innings... He should've bet money, then again, baseball doesn't like gambling.

The last 15 mins of the show was Cubbie loving propaganda. The rest of it I did enjoy. Obviously, it was fun to watch, and it had good perspectives...
I found Brennaman's comments about his encounter with Beckett quite interesting. I wonder if he shared what he was told with anyone else back then, or brings it up only in hindsight today?

Steve Stone's comments were also intriguing. Game Day Steve Stone clearly made it sound like he thought Moises Alou could have caught the ball, while Current Day Steve Stone makes snide comments about the lack of gold gloves on the Alou mantle, and talks more like he doesn't think Alou could have caught that ball. Following the party line, Steve?

Another thing Current Day Stone said was that the Cubs still play mostly days games, so the players they should be after are for guys that aren't enjoying the nightlife too much. I wonder if he had anyone in particular in mind when he said that.

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