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Originally Posted by SoxandtheCityTee View Post
I didn't see it, but heard some interesting things on the radio about it:

1. Alou and Ramirez both bought their tickets home BEFORE game 7 was played.
I always felt Alou was the biggest tool of the group, and he sure didn't disappoint. Alou was the one that bought the ticket and offered to his fellow country men, which leads to 2 and 3

2. Sosa was upset when he heard this. It wasn't clear to me when he found this out.
Yes, he was. He said the only plane ticket he wanted was one to NY.

3. Kerry Wood was also dismayed to hear this and says it showed a lack of confidence in him.
Yes, he said this. i'm not surprised. I always found Kerry Wood likable and I never doubted he wanted to win. He just couldn't stay on the field for long. I can't fault him for his stupid fan base making him out to what he wasn't.

4. Dusty defends all his managerial non-moves.
Well man, pitching Clement would not been fair to my bullpen dudes. Look how the like of Jack McKeon and Joe Torre handled their teams in the same situation.

Speaking of Beckett, Thom Breenaman spotted him at the bar after game 6. Beckett predicted the Cubs would score early, and he would enter the game in the third or fourth inning. He would give up one hit and pitch four innings... He should've bet money, then again, baseball doesn't like gambling.

Any of this accurate? Based on the rage and anguish of the radio personalities talking about this, it can't have been all propaganda?
The last 15 mins of the show was Cubbie loving propaganda. The rest of it I did enjoy. Obviously, it was fun to watch, and it had good perspectives...
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