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Originally Posted by thomas35forever View Post
Actually, I just watched Catching Hell again today and they pointed out that the radio was on a seven-second delay. By the time the pitch was even delivered on the broadcast, the play was already over. Bartman had no warning other than the ball heading in his direction.

And if your immediate instinct is to get out of the way of that ball, I applaud your quick wits.
I read that ESPN radio, what I was listening to, was on a delay but WGN radio was not. Maybe the information was outdated. If there was a radio delay, there would have been no good reason to be wearing the ear buds that night.

Lots of people don't interfere with pop flies at the stands. Most people defer to the outfielder, amazingly even when the outfielder is playing for the visiting team in games of less consequence. Not waiting to see if Alou was going to catch the ball wasn't a reflex, it was the actions of a dumb fan.

Of course, it's Cubs fans pride themselves on having started throwing back home runs to show they care more about their team than the souvenir, making this whole thing a bit ironic.
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