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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
I gotta say that the Chicago and National media coverage of that series caused my Cub hatred to reach its zenith. All the footage of the fans on the streets outside Wrigley acting like, well; acting like we all would have if the same thing had been going on at ballpark on 35th Street. I was truly seething for almost a week straight. Total Rage Mode. And then pfftt. Gone.

Since the Sox won the WS in 2005, my contempt for the Cubs and the total Cub Experience has mellowed. Maybe I'm just getting charitable in my old[er] age.
That's 2 of us, brother. Lost Game 5 with the Big Z, then 6 and 7. It took 8 years for my Cubbie loving buddy to admit to me that he was standing in the crowd on Waveland waiting for the glorious moment, walked a few blocks home after the "8" went up and saw the end of the game on TV.

Gotta find that inning again on YouTube.
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