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Originally Posted by ChiSoxFann View Post
I turned the game off because I had no intention of watching the Cubs secure a World Series berth. Then my uncle, who isn't really a baseball fan, called and asked if I was watching the game and told me the Cubs were losing.
Me too. And then, I get a call from a friend in Minneapolis (!) asking me if I am loving this collapse. Glorious in epicness.

Originally Posted by spawn View Post
It's just sad this man is still having to relive this. No one knows the names of the other two guys going for that ball that night. Just pitiful he got the blame for it, even though, as has been mentioned, Gonzalez let that dP grounder go through his legs, or that Wood couldn't win Game 7. I felt really bad for the guy.
Especially the lucky SOB who actually got the baseball and auctioned it off for over $100K to the dufus at Harry Caray's to spice up their spaghetti sauce, while maintaining his anonymity.


Edit: After seeing the Rangers get within one strike of the World Series, TWICE, getting within 5 outs is just meh.
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