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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
But the Red Sox do seem to have capitalized on Scherzer coming out after seven. In the postseason, pitch counts should be irrelevant. If you are counting pitchers to save pitchers work for when it might matter most, this is what you've been saving them for. Ozzie Guillen didn't taken any chances with what he might have gotten out of the bullpen when his starters were rolling in the 2005 ALCS.
Scherzer threw 108 pitches. There is no way he is finishing the game, and even if he gets through the 8th you have set him up to throw 125 pitches or so at the end of the year with a huge potential game six start in 4 days. The bullpen has to hold a 4-run lead.

Ozzie and the 2005 ALCS starters are not relevant to the argument as none of the starters were in the same situation. Buehrle threw 99 pitches- he would have come out for the 10th if it had stayed tied. Garland 118, Garcia 116, and Contreras 114. Garland threw the most pitches, and he was at 91 after seven, not 108. Contreras was at 95 after 7 innings in a 3-3 game, and I remember thinking he would not finish. But the Sox scored in the 8th and he had an 8 pitch inning to allow him to have the chance to pitch the 9th.
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