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Man, 10 years. I was at the old Oasis 160 concert venue in Chicago Heights that night. I was meeting up with some girl and trying to impress her or something. As I was walking out I looked up at the screen and saw the Cubs were winning going into the 8th. I actually said out loud to myself "Well, I'm going to have to accept that the Cubs are going to the World Series"

I then turned on q101 on the way home so I didn't have to hear anything about it. Then at some point on my drive home one of the DJs said "Oh man, something really bad is going down at Wrigley." I assumed their fans tore the stadium down out of celebration, he then went on to describe what happened. I watched sportscenter over and over that night.

Then after game 7 my smart ass friend and I were given the cold shoulder at every sports store in Orland Square mall when we asked for Marlins hats.
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