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Back in the day, the LCS simply alternated with who had home field advantage every year between divisions (the same way that it alternated between leagues for the World Series.) In 84 the NL West had the homefield advantage.

Here is what I can't figure out, though- how come in 1985 the NL West had the homefield advantage?

1982- Cardinals vs. Braves, homefield Braves (NL West)
1983- Dodgers vs. Phillies, homefield Phillies (NL East)
1984- Cubs vs. Padres, homefield Padres (NL West)
1985- Cardinals vs. Dodgers, homefield Dodgers (NL West)
1986- Mets vs. Astros, homefield Astros (NL West)
1987- Giants vs. Cardinals, homefield Cardinals (NL East)

Does anyone have any idea why 1985 was flipped and the NL East did not get home field advantage that year?
Interesting that the same pattern happened in the American League. 1985 was the first year of the best-of-7 format, not sure if that had anything to do with it.

1982- Angels vs. Brewers, homefield Brewers (AL East)
1983- Orioles vs. White Sox, homefield White Sox (AL West)
1984- Royals vs. Tigers, homefield Tigers (AL East)
1985- Royals vs. Blue Jays, homefield Blue Jays (AL East)
1986- Angels vs. Red Sox, homefield Red Sox (AL East)
1987- Tigers vs. Twins, homefield Twins (AL West)
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