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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
All pitchers pitch with deception. As has been noted, only a handful of lefties throw harder than Quintana. I don't think the guy is a flameballing power arm, but I think people who still call him a smoke and mirrors, crafty lefty didn't watch him pitch at all this season.
I think the problem is it's really understated the part that his deception causes players at the plate because he doesn't have a funky Hideo Nomo-like motion. But he's probably one of the best in the game at it. Take it away from him and on the surface he isn't doing anything special. And no, I don't agree that simply because he sits at 91 usually he isn't relying heavily on craft over substance. The guy has six regular pitches, three kinds of fastballs, and no single pitch that would rate a "plus" scout grade. Simply because there's a dearth of quality lefties in the league doesn't mean he's not getting by with deception and a mix of pitches more than anything else. Like I said, none of that makes him "bad" per se, just riskier than what you'd think looking at his numbers. Which is exactly why he's the guy being shopped.
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