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I'm not going to lie I very much dislike the Cubs to put it lightly, but the thing that bothers me the most about them is the the media and fans are just assuming this Master Plan is going to result in several World Series championships , and how they are not even questioning how things are being done. As far as I'm concerned acquiring a bunch of prospects with potential to someday make it to the majors is not a guarantee of anything. Some might turn out gold but a lot more won't end up being anything special. Even if they do build a nice core of position players you still need to develop pitching , which they are short on right now from what I've heard. And free agency is a crapshoot. People are taking like the Sox are way behind the Cubs on the road back to respectability , I don't see it that way because right now it seems the Sox have an edge in pitching, and will have money to get some help out in the free agent market soon. Getting rid of Sveum too me is just a scapegoat for the fact Rizzo, Castro , and Jeff S. just might not be all that good like they want to believe.
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