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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
Last nights game between Oakland and Detroit was one of the better playoff games in quite awhile. Unfortunately the Tigers won the game. Johnny Peralta had 2 big hits in the game which helped the Tigers win yesterday. From my way of thinking Peralta should not be playing in the Playoffs. He was banned for 50 games at the end of the season for being a juicer. MLB should have a policy/law that bans these players from the Playoffs when they're suspended during the regular season for being a juicer.
If the Tigers were a class organization, they wouldn't have activated Peralta when his suspension was up. You can be on the team all season and not be on the postseason roster. Ask Mark Johnson. Of course, if the A's were a class organization, they wouldn't be employing Bartolo Colon.

The Giants last season didn't activate Melky Cabrera when his suspension was up in October, although he was their leading hitter when he was suspended. It didn't hurt them any, labor-wise or competition-wise, especially against the Tigers.
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