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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I disagree, the Sox have the pitching to compete today. Right now. You don't need to build a 95-win juggernaut to get to the postseason, you just need to build a good enough team to claim one of the 5 playoff berths. 1/3 of the league gets to go to the playoffs now.

Second, I don't think people have the appetite for a long rebuilding process. Rarely do these teardowns and rebuilds only take a couple of years. And the Cubs have proven how impatient people get with this, they're surviving alone on the draw of Wrigley Field.

The Sox have more than enough resources to build both a competitive Major League team while adding talent to the farm system.
Maybe they have enough pitching. I agreed with Peavy, without, they are just average. I would rather build a team that has a chance to actually win and do damage vs. the same old same old of 82 win teams that maybe get hot, win 86-87 games, sneak in, and get swept. That is not a very successful season to me.
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