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Originally Posted by slavko
It goes along with what many of you are saying. If you're so bad you don't need a closer, you can be so bad you don't need a spot starter or long man. Hence Axelrod.

Seriously guys, not needing a closer is carrying it too far. If Reed blew 20% of his save chances and made us unhappy, how unhappy would we be if Thing II blew 50% of his save chances.
I don't think that anybody is all that unhappy with Reed's performance last year. When I look at the 2013 nightmare, Reed is pretty low on the list of people I blame for it.

However, I don't really see the need to go into next year with him as the closer just because he's established in the role. I also disagree with the line of thought that not needing a closer is carrying things too far. This team is going nowhere with Reed, so if we can get something decent in return for him, I'm all for moving him and posting the same miserable season without him as we would have with him.

Plus, if Reed's replacement racks up a few saves by the trade deadline, maybe we can repeat the process and sell high again. I say take advantage of any GM who is willing to overpay for saves.
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