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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I'll play Devil's Advocate and say that I would bring him in if he is reduced to a 2-year, maybe option for a third, style contract. The pendulum in baseball has swung so far toward developing and protecting one's own prospects that sometimes veteran players are undervalued.

I don't want the Sox to get in a bidding war with another team and ink him to a long-term deal, but maybe Curtis finds his prospects less enticing than expected and maybe he'd take a shorter deal at a HR-friendly, small OF (good for defense) park where he can reestablish himself as a big name bat and try to get one last nice contract before he calls it a career. It's not like there's this bevy of young OF talent waiting to crack the big leagues in our farm system, the best near ready OF prospect we have is Trayce Thompson who, in a perfect world, might be ready for a September call up in 2014.

The Sox have plenty of payroll to work with, if you can get something that's kind of team-friendly, that's low-risk, high-reward stuff... And who knows, maybe you can even flip him at the trade deadline in July for some more minor league material. I mean, really, do people want to spend a full season with De Aza, Danks, and Viciedo getting a heavy share of OF playing time? *Shudder*
This is how I feel as well. Granderson could be one of the few bargains out there if he is trying to re-establish to teams that he is indeed healthy and can still be productive. If the Sox sign him to a short term deal that doesn't have a no-trade clause, I'd be for this signing. Anything to not have to watch Viciedo get another 500 ABs next year.
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