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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
WRONG. As a White Sox fan living in New England Theo made the moves that won in 2004. He acquired Ortiz, Millar, Shilling, Cabrera and Foulke and hired Francona as manager. In addition, he drafted Pedroia and Lester in 04 and folllowed that up with Buchholz and Ellsbury the next year. Those 4 are all All-Star calibre players.

I am glad he left Boston but his protege unfortunately is also having success.
Right, but I think the point is that he got the Red Sox from Point B to Point C, they hadn't finished under .500 since 1997 and were in the postseason 3 of the 6 years prior to Theo's hiring. I mean, they were 1 win away from the World Series in 2003.

I'm not saying Theo didn't make some savvy moves to get the Red Sox over the hump, but to compare it to a total rebuild is a bit dramatic. 2 years into this Cubs experiment and the team seems to be spinning it's wheels.

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