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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
I want to like the guy, he's a stand up guy off the field. But this is the same guy we've always wondered whether he was good enough to be the long man or make the rotation as a five. Keeping his control for less than 100 innings of starting isn't nearly enough to make me change my mind.
I don't disagree, but let's see what we have before we give him away. No one will give us anything, unless someone happens to see something and really likes him (he did have good K totals most of the year) which case, make them pay.
Let's not forget- he closed our first win in 2012 at Texas. He's got some skills. I'm not one who believes you put your best reliever at closer anyway - that may end up being a good spot for him. Or late inning relief, with those K totals. We're not talking about a Veal here.
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