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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
That's still 11 players on their roster already taking up no money that are a culmination of previous moves, trades, drafts signings.

These things don't turn around in a year without twice as much money, nay four times as much money, as Cleveland spent this offseason. Can you designate for me 11 no money members of our organization or trade targets, and 14 free agents this offseason that we can use to build a 90 win team on a payroll of $80 million? That's preposterous.
I don't think the White Sox can turn it around that fast. But we saw Boston and Cleveland make major strides in one season. Now Boston had a solid core in Pedroia, Ortiz and Ellsbury. But they added 5 position players who had really good years---Carp-Ross- Drew-Gomes-Napoli and spent 20 Mil for them. Indians signed a bunch of 2nd/3rd tier guys as well.
In the case of the White Sox, they have a limited core of position players to build around. But they probably have a better starting pitcher group than Boston or Cleveland did entering 2013.
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