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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
I assume when you say Danks you mean John. You realize that John Danks has a contract where he is guaranteed about 45M over the next 3 years? Without eating a large about of salary, I think the Sox have a better chance of getting rid of Dunn than Danks and that chance is slim and fat. I wonder if there will be a lot of takers for Keppinger considering he had a bad year and is owed 8.5m but the Sox were able to pawn off Teahen. Ramirez should be able to be dumped because of the position he plays and his offensive stats were not that bad. De Aza and Beckham can be definitely dumped. I dont expect much of a return for all the players mentioned and wonder where and how players are going to be gotten to fill all these holes.
John Danks is still a good pitcher despite his injury and rehab. Wait until mid-January when the good FA pitchers dry up, and i wouldn't be surprised if Hahn has offers.

Keppinger is only due $4M next year, so IMO his relative inexpensiveness and track record will push his value higher than we expect.
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