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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
I think it would be safe to say that Robin will be returning next year. It must be based on loyality becuase it can't be based on the product we saw.
I'd think Robin coming back is based on his contract, and that Jerry doesn't want to pay for two managers in a rebuilding year. Plus who knows, maybe he can build up to something when given a young roster with some upside instead of probably the most flat, emotionless and unlikeable group of Sox players that I can remember in 40+ years of following the team.

As for offseason moves - they should all be about clearing contracts and bringing in young talent, preferably at the same time.

Dunn's stuck here until the deadline, but someone has to be interested in Danks and Ramirez, with De Aza and Beckham also may be moved since both are getting a salary bump due to arb, and if we want to deal Keppinger, there'd be a bunch of takers.

I'd love to see Hahn go after a good young prospect for Viciedo, since he is what he is, and hopefully we can build the team around a young, dynamic all-around hitter, rather than yet another one-dimensional slugger, which obviously ain't working for us.

As for the prospects, I hope the Sox can acquire "placeholder" big league players so not to rush prospects to the bigs before they're ready. Semien and Johnson should start the year in AAA.

The catcher position needs a complete rethink. A.J.'s a free agent again this year...
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