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Originally Posted by SCCWS View Post
You may think ERA is crap , but ERA meant a hell of a lot in the AL this year. The 6 AL Playoff teams finished in the top 7 in ERA. In the NL Top 5 teams in ERA all made the playoffs.
ERA isn't really that subjective, IMO. Most plays are cut and dried. How many "controversial runs" are scored each year where there's actual questions about whether a run should be earned or unearned.

Add in the fact that a pitcher can commit an error and allow a batter to reach first with two outs in a given inning, go on to walk the bases loaded, give up a grand slam, walk the bases loaded again and give up another grand slam and all 8 runs would be unearned and it seems to me that there's as ample a reason to say pitchers may not be getting credited with the earned runs they actually do give up too. It probably balances for the most part...

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